Advisory Management

Tate Livingstone offers clients a number of efficient ways to access our expertise. These options cater to those who

  • 1. May not have the time or the experience to successfully manage an investment portfolio
  • 2. May prefer to have the final say on what investments and assets are bought, sold and/or held in their portfolios.
  • 3. Have experience within the investment marketplace and simply require efficient and timely execution of trades.

Discretionary Management

This option sees clients grant Tate Livingstone limited authorization to take responsibility for the day-to-day management of the client’s portfolio. We can effect transactions on the portfolio without having to secure the client’s permission but we can only buy, sell or hold assets that meet the stringent risk tolerance agreed with the client.

For example, a client wanting merely to earn steady income on his or her capital would grant us authority to trade in sovereign or blue chip corporate bonds and dividend-paying equities. We would not be authorized to trade, say, stocks in an emerging market-based technology company with no discernable track record since doing so would take the risk profile of the portfolio outside the scope of the client’s risk tolerance. We provide regular, comprehensive updates and detailed statements of portfolio values and trades effected each quarter.

This option is ideal for those who don’t have the time to manage their own investment affairs.

Advisory Management

This option is similar to the discretionary model but before any asset or investment is bought or sold, Tate Livingstone must obtain the client’s permission beforehand. This option gives the client the final say and is suited to those who may have some experience of investment affairs and want to know exactly what is being done on their behalf.

Again, we provide regular, comprehensive updates and detailed statements of portfolio values and trades effected each quarter.

Execution Only

This final choice is for clients who have above-average experience with the investment world and simply require an efficient and timely execution of buy/sell orders but who need access to exchanges or assets that may traditionally be inaccessible to them; those in certain emerging market economies for example.

Clients simply tell us which assets they wish to buy/sell and our trading services will execute their trade.

About Us

Tate Livingstone brings the full weight of its considerable investment experience and expertise to bear on securing good returns on investment.

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We believe that stocks still represent the best way to accumulate capital and reduce the effects of inflation and currency devaluation on purchasing power but this should not be construed as an indication that we only invest in equities.

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Tate Livingstone has devised a number of core strategies that form the foundations for the construction of our clients’ portfolios.

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